Company D 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment


Fortunately we are lucky enough to have an image of a member of Company D 1st Maryland, Lt. William Key Howard (Image 1). In his image, he is wearing a kepi. Although he is an officer, he is wearing an enlisted style kepi. The kepi has 3 brass letters. You will see a "D" above "MM". The "MM" stands for "Maryland Militia". The style of kepi also shows a "scalloped" black band. We also have an existing image of Pvt William Henry of Company A 1st Maryland Infantry (image 6). You will notice his kepi's black band goes straight around and not scalloped. Both of these images show there was a disparity in styles of kepis. Perhaps it was done by company or upon different issue as a result from different makers. Regardless; after discussion, we feel both kepi styles are appropriate for our impression. With the evidence provided; we feel the brass letters (in configuration as seen)are authorized as well. It is hard to determine it was a Company standard or individual standard. That said we also authorize the Maryland state seal brass kepi device (as seen in Lt. McHenry Howard's image 5 ... he was also with 1st Maryland Co. H). We also feel that no kepi device worn is just as appropriate per Pvt. Henry's image. Above you will see two pics of reproduction kepis. One is made by Dirty Billy (rounded black band image 2) and the other is made by Greg Starbuck (scalloped band image 3). Both makers can make either style as well as maker Bristol Hollow. The kepi wool color should be the same color as described in my previous post discussion on uniforms. When ordering a kepi; made sure you request Maryland state seal buttons as well. Also note Private of Company I in image 7 is wearing a Federal forage Cap.

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