Company D 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment


Topic: Uniform wool color and material

After some research, thought, discussion, and consideration of the disposition of the regiment and materials at hand at the beginning of the war; we decided on what would be the best course for our impression. 

There are several references identifying the uniforms issued as “grey” (EX:1). There is also references describing how Mrs. Claudia Johnson rounded up material for various mills around Richmond area to have the uniforms made (EX: 2 & 3). Knowing that information; it is a good conclusion to say that no two mills would have the exact same color of cloth etc. We feel this resulted variations in uniforms between individuals and perhaps between Companies pending on when and where they got their uniforms (remember 2 companies were initially under Weston's Battalion and issued uniforms then transferred to the 1st Maryland Infantry being formed at Harpers Ferry). That said; the two colors in photos below are acceptable for our impression. Jeans wool with grey color on brown or jeans wool with natural color on brown. That would be appropriate for RD 1 style shell jackets and trousers. We also know they had variants (per existing original) of the Kent and Paine jacket made of satinet wool. Per observations this has a brownish tint but keep in mind the wool changes tint with age so it could've been more grey in color. 

Conclusion; with the info described above, we feel both shades of color are correct for our impression. You can mix and match your jacket/trousers or match. I think in the end; it will give us the desired appearance based on research and conclusions.

Private from  Co. I

Cpl. Higdon of Co. I

EX: 1

EX: 2

EX: 3