Company D 2nd Maryland Infantry


A “Theory”derived from our research is that both Company A and Company B having different uniforms from the rest of 2nd Maryland during the period from August 1862 till September 1863. There are quite a few images of 2nd Marylanders in RD1 type jackets with black piping (all from Companies A & B). Most historians tend to dismiss those photos as early war images of the men as it was assumed they served in 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment. After reviewing some of the men’s service records, I noticed many did not serve until their enlistments in 2nd Maryland (1st Maryland Battalion). I decided to do some digging to support my theory/claim that both Companies A & B were uniformed differently than the Companies C thru G of 2nd Maryland at the start of their respective service. The pics below support this theory even more. Also comparing the men's individual service records. Almost all the men below did not serve prior in 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment. They all newly enlisted in 2nd Maryland with their respective companies. Here is what I have to support my claims.1) photos of experts from Driver's book which are comprised of several diaries etc. Companies A & B were mustered into service pretty much at same time in Richmond. As you can see from excerpts Company C, D, and E were forming at the time Companies A & B were leaving Richmond under orders to report to Winchester, Va .2) Excerpts show that Company C had not been issued uniforms and equipment at least 1 month after Companies A & B departed Richmond. So from that excerpt, we can conclude that Companies A & B were already uniformed and equipped (per diary excerpt)3) If you compare each of the men's service records (ones that are pictured below), you will see that almost none have served previously in 1st Maryland Infantry (with exception to Pvt. Murray). So the RD 1 jackets are not worn from prior service from the ol 1st Md Reg. 4) The images below are compelling evidence enough as you can clearly see that the men from both Company A & B are wearing RD 1 jackets with black piping. The division line is the images of the two Privates from Company C. Through comparing the two Privates of Company C's service records one will see that they were both wounded at Gettysburg. Private Skinner of Company D never returned to service as he was a POW from remainder of war. So that proves his image was in the period of August 1862-July 1863. Odds are it was from August of 1862 in Richmond as if you know the campaign record of the 2nd Maryland, you will know that the men most likely had no time to have images taken as once they arrived in Winchester, they were placed under the command of Gen. "Grumble" Jones in the Valley. Then in Spring of 1863, The Marylanders joined the Gettysburg time to sit to have images taken. Pvt Skinner is definitely wearing a commutation shell jacket of sorts. Certainly not a RD 1 with piping. Also, per pay chits, the Marylanders got uniform issue in fall of each year. This is consistent of each company.  5) The Hayden Privates of Company B were both injured at Gettysburg with one dying. That is compared with their service records so this helps support the evidence the images are at begging of their service.Conclusion: I feel confident at this time just with the known supporting evidence as mentioned above that Companies A & B were wearing RD1 style jackets with black piping (same as the 1st Md Inf Reg) from their muster into service (August 1862) to next uniform issue in Sept 1863 (per service records and pay chits). The men of Companies C thru G were all possibly issued the style of uniform (Commutation jackets/RD 2 style in British wool per supporting evidence which will be another post in itself) at their muster Sept 1862 till Sept 1863 (per their service records and pay chits). I feel after Sept 1863, the men of 2nd Maryland all received the same uniform issue.

Pvt. William Skinner

Co.C 2nd Md Inf

(Wearing a “RD 3” style jacket)

*No prior service and Skinner was severely wounded at Gettysburg with no further service after. Those details place image and uniform at 1862-63

Pvt. Hayden Co.B

Pvt. Hayden Co.B

Pvt. Bealle


Pvt. Ford Co.B

Pvt. Murray Co.A

Sgt. Smith Co.A

Pvt. Augustine Wills Beale

Co.B 2nd Md Inf

(Wearing a “RD 1” style Jacket)

*No prior service which places image at 1862-63

At right: Images are known images of soldiers from Companies A & B 2nd Maryland Infantry. Each one of these men did not see prior service until their enlistment in 2nd MD. This rules out early war uniforms from service in another unit.

Left: Documentation supporting when the various companies formed and the intervals in which they received uniforms

(Excerpts from Driver and Hartzler’s references.