In 1863-64, when the Maryland Line was at Hanover Junction, she collected a library of good, instructive books for the use of the command, and encouraged the men to build, under her directions, a chapel, which was used alike by catholic and protestant, without regard to sect. Lt. Samuel McCullough, Co.D 2nd MD Inf

Pvt. Denton Hammond

Service Records

Born: Frederick County, MD

From: New Market, MD

Pre-War: Major in Maryland Militia Cavalry (Frederick Hussars)

Enlisted: Sept 1862 as Private in Co.D 1st MD Cavalry

Maryland, My Maryland (rendition) written by Pvt. Hammond in fall 1862.

“Maryland “
1st We crossed the river, our luck to try;
Maryland, poor Maryland.
But found the patriots rather shy;
Maryland, poor Maryland.
You may be loyal, may be true.
And very patriotic too.
But there’s too much Yankee Doodle do.
In Maryland, poor Maryland
We thought you’d to our standard flock,
Maryland, old Maryland,
And help the yankee game to block,
Maryland, old Maryland;
We came, you then rejoicing laughed
And many a jovial bumper quaffed;
You thought you’d then avoid the draft,
Maryland, poor Maryland
Our stay was short, ‘tis very true,
Maryland, poor Maryland.
But long enough for some of you,
In Maryland, poor Maryland.
In vain do noble patriots toil.
So many Yankees curse your soil.
And all your no efforts foil
For Maryland, poor Maryland
A noble Patriotic band
From Maryland, poor Maryland
Are fighting with us heart and hands
Maryland, old Maryland.
For you they fight, for you they bleed
And trust that you may get be freed
From yankee rule and yankee greed.
In Maryland, poor Maryland.
Come forward, help them in the fight.
Maryland, dear Maryland.
Arouse ye freemen in your might!
Maryland, brave Maryland;
Let not that wooden-nutmeg-race
One foot of Southern soil disgrace
But wipe them out, aye every trace!
From Maryland, poor Maryland.
Wait not until the fight is won
Maryland, dear Maryland
To raise the cry “We come, we come”
Maryland, dear Maryland,
But come at once into the fray.
Nor want to see a brighter day;
When there’s a will, there is a way,
Maryland, old Maryland
Then when the storm of strife is o’er
Maryland, dear Maryland
And peace has blessed our land once more
Maryland, dear Maryland
When Lee and Longstreet, Jackson too,
Have proved too much for “Doodle-Do”
The South will have a place for you
Maryland, dear Maryland.

Southern Yankee Doodle (rendition) written by Pvt. Hammond in fall 1862.


The Southern Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle fare you well. 

Rice and cotton flout you;

Once we liked you very well,

But now we’ll do without you. 



Yankee Doodle had the luck,

To get a new religion,

A sort of holy zear to pluck,

At every body’s pigeon. 



Yankee Doodle strive with pains,

And puritanic vigor,

To loose the only friendly chains 

That ever bound a n&@ger. 



But Doodle knows as well as I,

That when his zeal has freed them,

He’ll see a million darkies die,

Before he’ll help to feed them. 



Yankee Doodle sent us down,

A gallant missionary,

His name was Captain Johnny Brown

The priest of Harpers Ferry. 



He strove with pike to magnify

The gospel creed of Beecher

But old Virginia lifted high,

This military preacher!



Yankee Doodle grown so keen,

For every dirty shilling,

Propose a trick, however mean 

And Yankee Doodle willing. 



To Yankee Doodle now, good by,

Keep the gains you’ve gotten,

Proud independence is the cry,

Of sugar, rice, and cotton.

Song composed by Pvt. Denton Hammond and Brig.Gen Geff Thompson (Missouri) while both held as POWs at Ft. Delaware April 1864.

CDV of Brig.Gen Geff Thompson

1848 Ball Invitation from the Independent Greys to Lt. Denton Hammond

Song “The Southern Cross” written by Pvt. Denton Hammond

Song “Down Where Potomac’s Water” written by Pvt. Denton Hammond

Military Service Documents of Denton Hammond

Lieutenant Commission Warrant

Promotion to Major (Front)

Promotion to Major (Back)

Parole Paper from Ft. Delaware

Oath of Alligiance

Song “Stonewall Jackson’s Way” written by Pvt. Denton Hammond Jan 12, 1863

Song “Old Aby Lincoln” written by Pvt. Denton Hammond

Song “The Guerrillas” written by Pvt. Denton Hammond

Song “Bonnie Blue Flag” written by Pvt. Boyd Smith (Mosby’s Rangers). Song was part of Pvt. Denton Hammond collection.