We Have a Fit For You!

“Company D" 2nd Maryland Infantry: This is our original and primary military impression. This impression covers the time span of 1862-1865 (mid to late war). The battles in which 2nd Maryland fought in are Winchester No.2, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and Appomattox. Please click on logo to view information.

“Company D" 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment: This is our secondary military impression. This impression covers the time span of 1861-1862 (early war). The battles in which 1st Maryland Regiment fought in are First Manassas, Seven Days (Gaines Mills & Malvern Hill), Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Front Royal, 1st Winchester, and Cross Keys. Please click on logo to view webpage for more information.

The Monument Street Girls: This is our organization’s impression for women. The Monument Street Girls was a Baltimore high social class of Ladies who was very pro South. The ladies were defiant to the Federal Troops occupying Baltimore in 1861. They secretly made flags and procured supplies for the Maryland men serving in the Confederate Army. Some ladies even acted as spies for the South! Examples of Famous Monument Street Girls are Hety Carey and Euphema Goldsborough.

The Plug Uglies: This is our organization’s civilian impression for men.  The Plug Uglies were a street gang in Baltimore during 1861. The Uglies actually controlled Baltimore’s elections during the 1850s through fear and violence. On April 19, 1861, the Plug Uglies were center stage as they fired the first shot at the 6th Mass. Regt. as they marched down Pratt Street thus starting what was known as the Baltimore Riot. This skirmish resulted in the first bloodshed of the American Civil War.

Maryland Cadets:  This is the youth division of the Independent Greys. The name Maryland Cadets is a historically based name of a Baltimore Militia organization in 1861.  Today, our Cadets are children that range from ages 10-16 years old. They explore history by visiting our camps, battlefield tours, and museum trips. Children learn drill and camp life of a Civil War soldier. "Education, Motivation, and Preservation” is the motto of our Cadets. Please click on logo to view webpage

True Marylander:  This is our organization’s online virtual Magazine! Our magazine is a quarterly publication. Our articles range from research to interviews with famous authors, historians, and artists. We are always looking more writers! This divison can offer an oppotunity to be active in our group for those who are too old or disabilities which would prevent them from participating actively in the field. If you have the ability to research and have a creative mind, you can be a valued member of the Independent Greys