Veteran Reserve Corps


Get involved with History

The Maryland Veteran Reserve Corps (VRC) is an extension of our group “The Independent Greys”.   The VRC is named after the Civil War Veteran’s Reserve Corps in which soldiers who were unable to return to full duty in the field or to front lines could still support overall efforts in other capacities such as guards at Prison Camps, Guards at vital military installations, provost guard, recruiting, etc.  Today, we utilize the name to identify members of our organization who cannot participate with us in the field wearing period correct attire.  Those who are seasoned citizens, or have disabilities, or financially unable, and or those that live long distances away can still be a part of our amazing group and contribute through research, creative discussions, recruiting, writing articles for our online magazine THE TRUE MARYLANDER, social interaction, and camaraderie just to name a few.  VRC members are welcome to come to events we do, social gatherings we may have, or any ceremonies we perform (ex: wreath laying on Culp’s Hill in Gettysburg). We want you to have the opportunity to be a part of what we have built and continue to build as a group.  We want to be just as strong off the field as we are on the field! YOU can play a vital role in what we do! You can help support and be an extension of groups like Company D 2nd Maryland Infantry! If you are interested in becoming a member of The Independent Greys as a VRC, all you have to do is fill out the online membership form below (make sure you select VRC in membership category).  We will bring you onboard to our closed group page and add you to our email roster! Being a member in the VRC is “FREE!” Are you ready? Join us!